Homer Wilderness Leaders

Alaskan Summer Camps and Wilderness Expeditions for Youth 

Our mission is to empower young leaders by providing outdoor, experiential education through fun and dynamic adventures in Alaska.


Upcoming Courses and Events:

Jul 24 Thu
Day Trip: Sailing to Gull Island!
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Sail Homer, Alaska’s most eco-friendly way to experience Kachemak Bay, is hosting HoWLers on a sailing tour around Gull Island! Please bring clothes that will keep you warm in the wind and sea. Don’t forget rain gear, a water bottle and a snack. We will meet at the Harbor.

Jul 25 Fri
DiRtBaG Service Corps: Small Pond Natural Playground
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

HoWLers will be helping out Small pond by building a natural playground for their littles to play on. We will meet at HoWL headquarters (1554 Homer Spit Road) and drive as a group to Small Pond. Bring a day pack, warm work clothes, a water bottle and a good snack – we’ll be working hard!

DiRtBaG Service Corps Excursions are volunteer opportunities located throughout Homer, benefitting the larger community. HoWLers who are seeking financial aid or scholarships may participate in our DiRtBaG Service Corps Excursions to earn money off their other expeditions and day trips. All volunteer opportunities will be based outside and may include: litter pick-up, gardening, painting, digging, building, and much more. More information about today’s trip coming soon!

Jul 27 Sun
Day Trip: Ring of Fire – Advanced Fire Skills
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Calling those who want to challenge themselves and what they know about building fires! During this trip HoWLers will be reviewing our fire basics as well as becoming familiar with some more advanced fire skills such as using Bow Drills. HoWLers will also explore other types of fires, such as Dakota Fire Holes, and Swedish Fire Torches! Bring your appetite for some delicious goodies we’ll be preparing on our trip using our newly attained fire building knowledge! We will meet at the lower parking lot of Ocean Shores Motel (down Crittenden Dr. across from Homer Middle School) where we will hike down to the beach. Bring a day pack, a snack, warm, non-flammable clothing and your water bottle!

Jul 28 Mon
Wild, Sustainable Summer: Making Paper from Plants
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

We will expand our exploration of nature-based tools and crafts, focusing on paper and ink. We will learn to make paper using the flora that grows around us plus other materials that might be considered trash. We will discuss different plants from which to make dyes and inks. We will also explore the science behind fermentation as historical method of preserving the nutrients in food for storage. We will then make a unique version of Kimchi using vegetables from the garden. Each week, we meet at Steller Gardens, which is located at the end of Marimac Road. Drive 11 miles East End Road, turn right on Marimac, then follow the road to the big barn at the end. Park at the barn

Jul 30 Wed
Day Trip: Back Country Beats
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Come all ye musicians (and wannabe musicians… and anyone who can bang two rocks together!) We will be playing music down on the beach. Think pot n’ pan band, beach percussion, didjeridoo grooves, heady drum circles, and whatever else! We will teach you how to play the didjeridoo and how to make one on your own! Feel free to bring your own instruments and ideas for cool sounds. We will be recording portions of this Daytrip for the background music to the HoWL movie 2014! We will meet at the lower parking lot of Ocean Shores Motel (down Crittenden Dr. across from Homer Middle School) where we will hike down to the beach. Bring your instruments, extra clothes, a water bottle and a snack!