Homer Wilderness Leaders

Alaskan Summer Camps and Wilderness Expeditions for Youth 

Our mission is to empower young leaders by providing outdoor, experiential education through fun and dynamic adventures in Alaska.


Upcoming Courses and Events:

Jul 31 Thu
SUP it up!
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

We’ll have canoes, SUPs (Stand-Up Paddle-Boards), paddles, and wetsuits for everyone!  Meet at the Reservoir for an afternoon of SUPing and So much fun. You’ll learn paddle strokes, water safety, and go on a sweet mission around the lake! Bring your daypack, a snack, your bathing suit, extra warm clothes, a water bottle and a towel. Meet at the Reservoir (Turn right at the Y at the top West Hill, 0.9 miles onto Skyline, turn left onto dirt road and go to the far end of the reservoir parking area).

Aug 1 Fri
DiRtBaG Service Corps: Haven House
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

For this DiRtBaG excursion we will be working at Haven House. We will assist them with their yard, their chickens, and other various projects on the site. Meet at HoWL headquarters (1554 Homer Spit Road) where we will drive as a group to Haven House. Please bring work clothes, a water bottle and a good snack!

DiRtBaG Service Corps Excursions are volunteer opportunities located throughout Homer, benefitting the larger community. HoWLers who are seeking financial aid or scholarships may participate in our DiRtBaG Service Corps Excursions to earn money off their other expeditions and day trips. All volunteer opportunities will be based outside and may include: litter pick-up, gardening, painting, digging, building, and much more. More information about today’s trip coming soon!

Aug 3 Sun
Day Trip: W.S.I.: Wilderness Scene Investigators – Bishop’s Beach
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Do you love mysteries or being a detective? Do you want to learn to track? Everything that happens leaves evidence or clues and when put together like puzzle pieces, they tell a story. As part of W.S.I., we will learn to identify these clues through ancient secrets of animal tracking, stalking and the native wisdom of wilderness awareness. We will scout for tracks, follow trails, learn to identify the effects of weather, and learn about the native flora. We might even follow a set of tracks to find who is making them standing in the freshest tracks. We will open our eyes, ears and minds to all that is around and within. Bring your daypack, a snack, extra layers, and a water bottle. We’re meeting at the bluff behind Ocean Shores (corner of Crittenden Dr. and Hidden Way)

Aug 4 Mon
Fire and Ice -August
Aug 4 – Aug 8 all-day

Build One-Match Fires. Swim to Icebergs. Learn Wilderness Skills.

Wild, Sustainable Summer: Tye-Dyeing with Plants!
12:00 pm – 4:00 pm

What does food justice mean to you? How do the rules and regulations surrounding farms affect the food that is available to us? Through role-playing, we will critically examine the level of access that the people of Homer have to food. We will also tie-dye cloth using pigments that we have wild harvested. Each week, we meet at Steller Gardens, which is located at the end of Marimac Road. Drive 11 miles East End Road, turn right on Marimac, then follow the road to the big barn at the end. Park at the barn